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 Disk Space/Bandwidth : 100MB/500MB
 Filesize Limit : 1024KB
Forced Ads : Text Link
Domain Type : Domain, Sub Directory
Script : CGI/Perl, SSI
Pre-Scripts : Message Board, Guest Book, Counter, Form Mail
Rules : Not Allow Adult
Users are given an initial 40Mb of space and can request up to 100mb of space.
CGI/PERL accounts are specially created for users and can be signed up for after logging in.
PLUS: Chat Rooms, Discussion Forums, Photo Albums, Calendars, Site Promotion, Password Protection, DNS & Domain Hosting

 Freewebs =D  Date : 2004-12-08  
 FreeWebs is amazing. It helps me do everything I have always wanted to do with my website. The amount that they offer for free is not comparable to other free hosts.
 Written by Jane from NY
 Very Good  Date : 2004-04-12  
 I have used Angelfire for about a year now, and I have just switched over to Freewebs. They have excellent resources!
 Written by Some Guy from USA