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 Disk Space/Bandwidth : 30MB/500MB
Forced Ads : Banner (A tower banner on the right, can close.)
Domain Type : Sub Directory
Script : ASP
Rules : Not Allow Adult
Support ASP 3.0(Includes ADO, FileSystemObject), ASP.NET / .NET Framework v1, Mobile Internet Toolkit v1, WAP, Flash, MS Access Databases
Bandwidth: 16.7 MB a day and 500 MB per month

 Ke hanh huong tim noi tru ngu  Date : 2004-03-20  
 Written by Rurouni Kenshi from USA
 hei  Date : 2003-09-25  
 Written by alet from marin
 not good enogth  Date : 2003-06-22  
 it has many usefull services but 500 mb per month bandwidth just doesnt cut it
 Written by ofir from Itali
 Brinkster is OK  Date : 2003-01-25  
 I'm using Brinkster now for about 1,5 year and it's always usable and there is almost no downtime. 500Mb with this service for me is more the OK.
 Written by Jan Bouwma from Holland
 Just 500MB/Month!  Date : 2002-12-10  
 Good free hosting, I can run ASP at there. But, just 500MB transfer/month! Not enought!
 Written by Thomas from NJ, USA